How to configuure cluster server

Dear Team,
I had created two linux EC2 instance aws. Now am want to create cluster server. Server A primary and server B secondary. HOw to replicate a data and configure. I need to learn. Kindly suggest.

I need to learn Cluster,Storage and RAID concept also

Kindly assit with me above cases… I want learn in cloud platform


For mirroring the data you can use drbd or lsyncd for configuring cluster among ec2 instances you have to follow the redhat guide for better idea

Set up the AWS environment

Create the RHEL HA EC2 instances (cluster nodes)

Configure the private key

Create an AWS access key and secret access key

Connect to an instance (node)

Install the Red Hat high availability packages and agents

Create the cluster

Configure fencing

Install the AWS CLI

Install AWS network resource agents

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