How to Contribute to Linux or Open Source Projects?

I am a Linux expert with more than 6+ years of experience, with little bit knowledge of coding and want to contribute to Linux or any open source projects, to work with awesome coders and also improve my coding skills. Is anyone know the procedure or projects where I can contribute and give back to open source what I’ve learned so far…

That is a long discussion. The watered down version?
Find a project you like, with something that annoys you. Search “google” the project code. Download the code, fix it, and post the fix back to github or whatever repository they are using, keeping good notes on what exactly was changed, what kernel you are using and what version of linux. If you are not talking about Python or C/C++ your previous coding skill are probably of limited use.

Some projects off of the top of my head (most have source code hosted at GitHub or SourceForge or LaunchPad) : (bejewed clone game in linux - hasn’t been updated in forever and has sound problems related to static linking, also see bugs for other things that could be improved)

gPhpEDIT - a great start on a php ide editor in linux that was pretty much abandoned. Supports error checking, syntax highlighting, and more. Does not work out of the gate on most systems now because it guesses a font size of 0 (impossible to see) and hasn’t been updated since php 5.3 so needs the new keywords and stuff.

Clementine - is a large, complex project that works on windows, mac, and linux and is aimed at being a music manager sort of akin to windows media player or iTunes… but of course much cooler. If you are using a debian based linux, start by getting the ppa version, then head over to the github
where they have over 1000 issues/improvements for you to try to help with.

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Thanks a ton bro, I will surely go through the all these projects and If I get chance I will work with them…