How to create PXE infrastructure in Fortinet 60D DHCP server with Centos 6


I have Fortinet 60D Firewall which is enabled with DHCP Server, its provides IP to the client machine…

And also I have centos 6.7, and stored ubuntu 14.04 & some OD images.

I don’t want to enable DHCP server in Centos, because already am having DHCP server in my firewall.

How to do ?

My requirements:

IP need to assign from Fortinet Firewall, the OS will call from Centos 6.7, and it need to install in client machine thanks.

Please advice !!!

That means you’ve already configured DHCP environment in your setup, now you want to install multiple operating systems using PXE? then I think you should give a try to following article, that will help you out how to install multiple Linux systems at one go…

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