How to Downgrade/Upgrade/Install specific package with All dependencies

HI All,

How to De-grade/up-grade/i-n-s-tall specific package with All dependencies.

Need to be specific version install. mysql and php.
like :
php 5.1 requied. ( mysql)

another with php 5.5 or else.
please guide to me.

many Many thanks in Advance. <3

Try yum install, yum upgrade and yum downgrade

this is not right answer. you should try on system.

Try the following

yum --showduplicates list

This should show you what different versions of a package are available to install, then run ‘yum -y install’ to install that package.

You can also use wget command to download specific file(s) from an ftp or http site and use yum localinstall command to install the file(s).

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