How to Execute Commands Without Sudo Password for Normal User

need to su - as normal user to normal user password less.

suppose - user A- create user-> user B

suppose we login on terminal via user A.

when we run the command su - then login user B.

su -

without ssh -

Password less su - command for normal user to normal user . normal user run su - command and login normal user

we login via - normal user - userA.
User A create New user UserB
and i want - when we run the command on userA session-
su -
login at userB.


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@ravisaive Thanks because this question was not clear enough for one to understand and offer help.

okay -

we login over system as normal user - userA.
and want to password less when i run - > su - userB.
how can i implement.

without --> ssh ( _> auhtorize_keys -ssh )

Update sudo configuration for the new user ,



save the file,do verification by issuing commend visudo -c

switch to user and try

sudo su -

sudo -u root /usr/sbin/dmidecode

[rajesh@instructor ~]$ sudo -u nages whoami

and you can execute all command it will not prompt for password