How to find .so file in ubuntu?

I am developing a java project in which I have to give path of the vlc library.

Can anybody tell me where I can get .so file of vlc (

I have tried using -> whereis

I also tried to search directly in the system nothing found.

Kindly look into this.

Help appreciated.



Normally share object of vlc is under /usr/lib64/
search for instead of
if you installed vlc from source code
search share library of vlc under /usr/local

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I don’t use debian based linux but in RHEL based linux the libraries are generally located under /usr/lib/ or /lib directory… Any way to find the location of any file bye using locate or find or command:


If the locate command didn’t show you any thing, try find command:

find / -iname ‘

locate command searches it’s database therefore it’s faster and eat less resources but find command searches the given path therefore it’s much slower but more accurate.


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