How to install boot loader(GRUB2) after installing Linux then Windows

Hello everyone

Am facing problems on how to boot into Ubuntu after installing Windows along side it, i have figured out that the problem is a Linux boot loader not installed since the boot sector is now controlled by the Windows boot loader.
How can i be able to install GRUB2 so that i choose which OS to boot into?

Thanks for your help.

if ur laptop has windows genuine u may have GPT/UEFI firmware …u maybe able to create multiple Operating system using any live CD,

what happen is…while installing another machine the boot loader (2nd machine) may override the boot loader of 1st one…(which enables u to boot on both OS,which is what we want).

But later sometime the windows default boot loader takes it place and replace any other os boot loader ,which causes u to boot only on windows.
this will only show one entry in your firmware interface.

so if u again install GRUB2 the issue is resolved once ,but that issue might happen again …so i recommend to go for virtual machines

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Thanks for that option but i need what i am asking for…