How to Install DNS and APACHE WEB SERVER using VIRTUAL HOSTING with SSL certificate in LINUX 7

Hello everybody could someone share your latest skills over DNS configuration and installation together with APACHE WEB SERVER with VIRTUAL HOSTING using SSL certificate in LINUX 7…
Although DNS has configured but it is not working properly to resolve domain…

Hi Ashish, I don’t think there any Linux 7 distribution exists and I think you taking about CentOS 7. Here are the both the articles for DNS and Apache virtual host setup on CentOS 7, go through it thoroughly and setup as per your requirements, the apache virtualhost article as feature to enable and disable VH’s as per your requirements…I hope you like it…

Yeah, Linux 7 sounded strange to me too. However, I googled a bit ant the first result was:

Could this be what @ashish_linux011 refers to?

You can install apache web server and configure it easily. Check this Linux web server
Also, you can install Linux DNS server and configure everything on it from here Linux DNS server
Hope you find what you need.

yum install httpd certbot bind

For apache setup read:
For SSL read certbot official site.
For bind, just start named service.