How to install firefox from .tar.bz2 extracted files

Hello eveyone

I just downloaded the latest firefox, in the file firefox-42.0.tar.bz2, i have extracted all the files as in the screen shot below:

How can i be able to install the files on my system?


First of all remove the installed firefox

#yum remove firefox -y

Now extract the downloaded package for that follow the below command

#tar xvjf firexxxxxxx


x : extract
j : deal with bzipped file
f : read from a file
v : verbose

after that move the extracted package to /opt and create the symbolic link

#ln -s /opt/firefox42/firefox /usr/bin/firefox42

now run the below command in terminal

#firefox42 &

Thanks Works just fine, that is why i like Linux.


He can set environment variable. no need to run this in background.

Example :smile:

Firefox_path=( Path of firefox bin )
export PATH

This should work for you.


@raghuu, the method u told its working raghu,

but the ./configure, make , make install that method is not working to install firefox, can u tell in this ./configure method how to install firefox

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@msp_surya thanks for mentioning that, just wanted to try that method also