How to manually lock a Chromebook

Locking your Chromebook can come in real handy if say you have the option to “Lock when screen closes” turned off by default! But let’s say there are a bunch of people nearby and you don’t want someone gaining access to your Chromebook behind your back! That’s where the “lock” shortcut comes in handy! There are 2 ways to lock your Chromebook (while still staying signed in)

  1. The first method is via the keyboard shortcut! Simply press Search+L at the same time to lock your Chromebook!

  2. The alternative method is a little longer than using the keyboard shortcut method (as it requires more steps)! To use the alternative method of locking your Chromebook first, click on the little tray on the lower right-hand corner of the screen (it will look something like the screenshot posted below)


Click on it, then click the image icon! Your Chromebook will then lock (preventing unauthorized login)!

Please keep in mind that for both methods, you have to enter your PIN, Pattern, or Password to unlock your Chromebook! Restarting the device does NOT unlock your device (neither does signing out)!