How to promote a normal user to root level

Hello everyone

As a upcoming system Administrator in Linux, I would like to know how a normal Linux user can be promoted to gain root or superuser privileges. It may not be a good practice but having the knowledge may be an essential.

Thanks in advance…

Say, you have a user called “brankotesla”. You can grant him sudo privileges two ways:

a) Edit sudoers file

sudo nano /etc/sudoers

and in the part “User privilege specifications” add “brankotesla” just below the root ALL=(ALL) ALL line

brankotesla ALL=(ALL)ALL

b) Fire up your terminal and type:

sudo usermod -a -G sudo brankotesla

There are some other ways too (Google is your friend :wink:)

Btw, have you managed to solve your Ubuntu problem last night?

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Always use visudo instead of sudo nano /etc/sudoers, editing the file /etc/sudoers is not recommended, because the main advantage of visudo is it will prompt you an warning message if you did any syntax error with in the file.

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True. As I said “Google is our friend :smile:

Thanks guys for the solutions…

One more thing, can having more than one root user affect the well functioning of the system though mine is just for testing purpose.

@BrankoTesla The Plasma-desktop issue is still persisting after following the steps you provided. Any other way to solve it?

as i have a scenerio that , i dont want to give the full root privilage for a user, i just wanted to give privillages for only certain commands like cp, installing, reboot, shutdown, how can i give this.

i came to know that to give like this usera ALL=(ALL) command1 command2 command3
but my doubt is how can i give the command1, command2 , for example for reboot can i give simply give reboot, but if i give its not working,
can anyone explain this how to give the commandsl, thanks in advance.