How to restore Linux to an earlier state

Is there any way a Linux machine can be restored to an earlier state? I have been looking for this feature in Linux which can work similar to the restore feature in Windows. If any one knows a way that Linux can be taken to an earlier state may be to recover important files, restore to remove malicious code or programs, he or she can help here.

I think, Your should try snapshot technique which will help you to restore Linux virtual machine. Before doing some change on Linux OS you should take snapshot of that disk and do change as per your requirement. If you feel something is going wrong then revert it using snapshot technique.

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I don’t think it’s possible to do that in Linux if you haven’t backed up your files. However, you can use a backup tool to take snapshots (like rajeshkathar said).

Here is some more info:

@rajeshkathar Thanks for the idea Let me try it out.

@BrankoTesla thanks, Let me try to follow the guides in the links.