How to scan, detect and remove malware in LInux

I have an external drive that has been infected with malware. I want to scan it to identify the infected files and if possible, remove the malware.

Are there ways one can use to scan, detect and remove malware such as virus, worms and many more on a Linux machine?

Try ClamAV or ClamTK to scan the external hard drive from your Linux box. You can install both tools with:

sudo apt-get install clamav clamtk

Openup ClamTK and run a scan:

Another solution is to use LMD (Linux Malware Detect) with ClamAV Antivirus to get rid of malware in Linux, here is the complete extensive guide written by one of our author Gabriel Cánepa. I hope it will help you…

Thanks @MarinT @ravisaive for your help let me follow these steps .