How to set a password for operating system selection in grub2

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As you may know, one of greatest concerns in operating a Linux system is security and this comes in line using security features such as passwords on a system to restrict unauthorized users from accessing some parts of a system.

Therefore how can i set a password for my grub2 entries to limit restrict unauthorized users from accessing grub entries.


For setting grub password look at the below link

hmm tried this one works good…
after setting grub password , and entered through the grub password into single user mode and resetted the root password,
from that onwards i am not able to switch to another user from terminal (ie from nomal user ) , it is telling that password incorrect. but all the passwords are correct.
only from root user i m able to switch user to other users in terminal.
from any of the normal user i m not able to switch to another user ??? what may be the problem , can any one resolve this


Reg : SU not working in system

go to

  1. vi /etc/pam.d/su

  2. comment the line given below

    #auth required use_uid

(in centos6.7 it comes in line no 6)

3 . save (wq!)

now SU is working fine… :blush:

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