How to setup a virtual machine in Linux

Hello everyone

I am new to the idea of visualization but i would like to run different Linux distributions on a virtual machine.

Can any body please explain to me how i can setup a virtual machine with complete networking and other services.

Thank you in advance…

First download virtual box :sudo apt-get install virtualbox. Second, make a bootable flash or cd with the OS you want to run in virtual box in ubuntu I use a program called ‘startup-disk creator’ which is also in software center if you want to install in other OS which does not have it by default. Thirdly fire up virtual box and create a new virtual machine. You can call it whatever you want. Fourthly start the virtual machine and you will be prompted for the directory of the OS you wanna run. Provide it cd or flash. Click continue ans thats it. WARNING: You can start virtual box from terminal but NEVER run it as root.


Thanks for the solution…


once look at the below link it may help you