How to start a terminal with command in centos?

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I need a help and script to do following things in Centos 6.7 server which is running in cloud Service.

I want to start a terminal with commands after the rebooting the server, the terminal needs to execute with command, please advice any shell script to do.

I found my ways but it wont helped me pls see for reference


If you want run commands after reboot ,you can add those in /etc/rc.local file.


I didn’t get your query, Jacklogic also shared you suggestion. I guess you are using Linux in GUI mode, you can load linux in terminal mode, You will not get GUI there. In Linux its says ‘Change the runlevel’.

Go to the “/etc/inittab” file and change the boot runlevel 5 to 3.


and reboot the server or type "# init 3’ you will get there.