How to Sync two CVS servers in linux

Hii Friends,

we have two cvs server. one is at my location and another is in remote location.Some users are working on cvs server1 for Project1. Other some users are working on cvs server2 at remote location for same Project(Project1).

I need to merge (synchronised merging) between these two cvs server repositories without any data lose and end result to be one repository(project1) that should be same (mirrored copy) in both cvs server
This process should be conducted in regular interval.

Is it possible to do these cvs repository syncronisation by using cvs utility

Please guide me on a proper way to get resolve this issue


Have you gone through the following article? If not, just go through it and you will know how to sync two Linux servers using rsync.

Hi Ravi,

I had gone through this link but my doubt is whether rsync will merge the CVS versions created on two different servers or not. Because one person will work on some file and let us say version 5 created on server A and second person will work on server B and creates version 5 then how will be this situation handled by rsync.

Using rsync to Mirror two CVS Repositories