How to upgrade RHEL 6.8 to RHEL 7.3


We have RHEL 6.8 Guest as well as Host servers. We are planning to migrate with new RHEL 7.3 OS. Please guide, How can I upgrade RHEL 6.8 to RHEL 7.3 ?

Network team will not provide internet access to PROD servers. Please suggest which option will better to upgrade offline.

Thanks & Regards,
Rajesh Kathar"

I am doing some google and I got below link.

but, It will require internet access.

Our company policy can’t provide internet access.

Guys, Please suggest offline up-gradation steps.

Hello, rajeshkathar
If you can not use LVM, this will be hard, because you can make snapshot somewhere.
But if you use LVM, you have just format your “root” partition, and then install your new release RHEL 7!!!
I recommend you, to use LVM or GPARTED, after this!
Do not try to upgrade system V with system D, you can not do this!!! :smiley: ok.
Good luck my friend and best regards.