How to upgrade rhel5.7 to rhel7 os

I am new to Linux and i have to upgrade my production server REEL7.2. Currently Linux version in my production is 5.7 run on physical server.
Can someone suggest me which version to upgrade 6 OR 7? and will it be possible to upgrade from 5.7 to 6/7?

Thanks in advance



Once look at the below link

If you want to upgrade go with rhel6

Currently my production run on version rehl5.7, so which version that you suggest to upgrade.

Form my side i will prefer rhel5, based on my knowledge rhel5 is the most stable version when compared to 6 and 7 although you can go with rhel6.

But up-gradation is not possible, you need fresh installation and later you have to migrate the required conf file from rhel5 to 6

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