How to upgrade rhel6 to rhel7 os [ major to major version ]


I want to upgrade RHEL6 to RHEL7 OS [ major to major version ] on test machine. But I not able to find any youtube video or any official document to upgrade. So, anyone have rhel upgrade documents with screenshot or video. Please share.


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Unfortunately, there isn’t any way and you can’t jump from RHEL 6 to RHEL 7. The only way is to do a fresh installation of RHEL 7

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Hello sir,

Actually, We plan to upgrade our production servers which has rhel6 os. On production server, I can’t format server or do fresh installation.

Can you suggest anything else…

You can upgrade your current RHEL 6 to RHEL 6.5 I think, but not further due to new systemd addon in RHEL 7. Best solution is install RHEL 7 on new server and migrate data from RHEL 6 to RHEL 7, this is the only way I can suggest now…

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Ok, Thanks for your suggestions. I will suggest our team to install rhel7 and migrate our VM’s and data on rhel7 os.

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I though that by using the Command Line it was possible to go from one to the next?..or am I mistaken?..of course since they’re now using dnf instead of yum it might be impossible, because the old command “yum upgrade” would not or could not possibly get the job done right?..hmm…maybe I’ll actually build a CEntOS box (6.5) and see if I can get to 7.0 using the dnf upgrade command?..interesting…

Till dnf isn’t supported under CentOS 6.5 and you cannot do a upgrade to CentOS 7 directly from CentOS 6.x versions. The only option is to re-install a fresh CentOS 7…

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this article guides to upgrade but it is very complicated one it is better to go with new installation and migrate data.


Hi rajesh you can upgrade from one minor release to any other intermediate minor release and up-gradation between major release is not possible, but you can update rhel 6 to rhel 7 by following the guide which was shared by @n_rajeshnadar

For ex- rhel 5.6 (to) rhel 5.8
Rhel 6.3 (to) rhel 6.5

But NOT from RHEL 5.x to 6.x


OK, I will follow @n_rajeshnadar link. As I observed this web page, This steps is something tedious. I should test this steps on test machine. But, I have to wait until new service pack or new rpm packages will release. So, This is simple and help full to doing up-gradation.

I would rather suggest you to have a separate server and migrrate your data form old server to new 7/server. As that would me more efficient way

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You can refer below link for RHEL 6 to RHEL 7 upgrade.

Brand new release of Red Hat Enterprise Linux suite brings some drastic change every system administrator should be aware. However, the product evolution makes it more and more sophisticated or complicated, as you wish. The question is whether those changes are paramount or could be successfully avoided. Here I delivered some manual of how to upgrade from RHEL 6 to 7.

Hello Team,

I got the final solution / link from RedHat.

It will help to upgrade

Also, Check below link :

Hello Rajesh,

Did this solution work for you ? I also need to upgrade Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server release 6.5 (Santiago) to Red Hat Enterprise 7

waiting for your response.


Hello Rajesh,
Are you able to successfully upgrade from rhel6.5 to rhel7 using below guilde?

Please let me know. I want to try this first on my workstation.


I have tried to upgrade RHEL 6.8 to RHEL7.2. But, If your server is install in GUI [ runlevel 5 ] then server can’t upgrade successful. RHEL only support up-gradation for minimal installation from RHEL 6.8 to RHEL7.2.