I am newbie and looking for redhat server Administration

Please suggest me a best reffernce …

I think this 500+ page free ebook about “The GNU/Linux Administration”, tells about how to install and several services, and how to optimize and synchronize the resources using GNU/Linux,

As well as other topics includes such as Linux network configuration, server and data administration, compiling kernel, hardening and security Linux systems, clustering, configuration, tuning, optimization, migration and coexistence with non-Linux systems.

A must have book for any serious Linux system admin.

Download at: http://tecmint.tradepub.com/free/w_free01/prgm.cgi



The form for registration asks for some information (company, industry, job title…). Is this necessary? I’m just a Linux enthusiast and want to learn more about all things Linux and eventually prepare for some certification. Can I still download the free ebooks from your site?



It’s just only one time registration after that you can download any books for free lifetime and trust us we don’t spam you and your important information is safe and not shared…


I never thought you spam people…I’m asking this because I don’t work. I’m unemployed and trying to learn Linux because I really like it and would like to become a Linux administrator one day. This is why I cannot provide some info in the form (job, company…)


Sorry, but its compulsory to fill all the information to download these free ebooks or else you can fill your friends information and use your correct email id to get the download links of books…I hope this is fine with you…


OK, I understand.


Bro i downloaded it many ebooks from there site it’s not an spam


Thanks, I have no reason to doubt. http://www.tecmint.com/ looks professional enough to clear any doubts.

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The articles in TecMint cover many of the things you will need to learn. If you are just starting your Linux journey, you can start with the LFCS series of articles at:


However those provide only the basics of what you will need. If you want to go deeper, you can start by installing a Linux distro on a local or virtual machine. Then you can start reading the manuals of the most important command and services. You can read the manuals with command such as:

man command

Change “command” with the actual command.

The next step is to experiment with what you’ve learned. Write some basic scripts, learn how to add/delete/modify user accounts. Then write a script that will automate this process for you.

If you want to go even deeper, install LAMP (Apache MySQL/MariaDB and PHP). Try different configurations etc.

I hope this helps you. And good luck in finding a job as a Linux administrator :slight_smile:

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Hi MarinT,

Thanks for this valuabe information and advice. I started using Linux in 2012 futlime. Before that I had exeperimented with some distros and FOSS (Ubuntu 8.04 and OpenOffice) but because of the nature of my then job, I had to use Windows most of the time. I worked from home mostly, and platforms I worked on were not compatible with Linux.

Now that I don’t work for that company anymore, I have enough time to devote to learning Linux in depth. And who knows, maybe one day I do become a linux sys admin… :smile: