I want to setup a personal mail releay server/smtp server - like turbosmtp etc

Hey, maybe a big question for my first post, but i have read many of the how-to’s here, so thought it could be a perfect place to ask.
I’m not looking to make a commercial relay service like turbo SMTP, but it was just the best example of what I’m trying to achieve.

I have several hosting servers, and often I need an SMTP server that is not associated with the hosting IP addresses, as often someone has an old joomla site that gets hacked, and then some of the pro sites that need to send emails with info or password resets always ends up in spam.
Also the server my own mail is hosted on, seems to go into spam now at gmail :confused:

So what I was thinking was simply to run my own SMTP server, with the only purpose of sending emails after a successful userlogin. Then I would work on keeping this server clean from abuse and free of spam lists and blocked lists.

My only problem is that I don’t know what to “Google for”. So far my searches gives me mail servers with roundcube and similar, but not a guide on running a server with this purpose. (or just a list on what steps to be done)

I’m guessing this could be done with any Mail service or MTA agent, and then work with the settings to make it relay only and with passwords and SSL certificates, or is that a far from perception? I work with Plesk and mainly basic setups and configuration of the servers, so I’m not an expert, but not entirely a noob either.

So could anybody tell me what steps i should take (not a full linux guide where I don’t need to do anything, more of a step list like install this, set it as this, control passwords with this, etc) or if anybody has run across a guide anywhere then that would be nice to see also. I usually use Debian as my server OS, but Ubuntu server could be just as good.

Thanks in advance :smile:

Have a look at https://www.mandrill.com , it’s a very interfering service.

Please have a look here


Here is the complete guide on how to setup Postfix Mail Server with Anti-spam and Antivirus on CentOS 7 and Debian 8 and alike systems.


These are nice guides for an email server on Ubuntu and Debian.

How can i set this to do relay with password for each domain added?

And also turn of accepting and storing emails?

Then i would have my relay/smtp server i figure.

This is a complete Guide to install, configure, secure, and maintain postfix Linux mail server. Check it