In which year did you make the switch to Linux? And why?

Most if not all members of this forum might have started using Windows or possibly Mac OSX when they first learned how to operate a computer. However, one thing that unites us here is our love or the need we have felt for using Linux. Meaning that you either switched from using the other operating systems or else started directly from Linux.

Therefore, for those of us who switched from Windows or Mac OSX, it would be great if we shared our “switching to Linux” stories, that is the year and the reason you first thought of switching to this wonderful, free and open source OS which by the way is fast becoming popular among computer users especially on desktop machines.

As for me, i made the switch in 2013 from Windows 7 and i have never looked back, first and mainly because i faced a lot of problems with viruses on Windows, then secondly i needed to try something new, face a new challenge in using my machine. Plus many other minor reasons such as LAMP errors, non-free software and more.

Your feedback is warmly welcome. Thanks.

In February 2011 I was tired of windows with differentiating, viruses, expensive programs etc. Etc. I started with ubuntu, I also tried zora and now I am super happy with Linux mint 18

I don’t remember the year but RedHat 7.2 was fresh and I wanted to give it a try… It was because I was in need of learning c and c++

Feb 2002 I purchased my first pc with ME installed, nothing but problems, switched to XP and things got better. I remember back in 2006 I bought this Linux disk off of Ebay, couldn’t for the life of me get it to work, knew nothing about it or Linux. I still have that disk but never tried to install it again. About 2010 I started messing around with Ubuntu before Unity, not bad but really still didn’t understand it. I was still using Windows XP at this time while learning about grub and dual n triple booting systems. My first triple boot had WinXP, Ubuntu and Mint, also tried WinXP with Win7 and Ubuntu. All kinds of problems with wireless internet, remember diswrapper, lol? Then I found an Asus usb wireless dongle that worked in Linux, things were looking up. Tried several Ubuntu releases, Mint Cinnamon and Mate, along with a couple others. I don’t remember when Unity hit but I couldn’t stand it, installed Cairo dock, like this much better, than I found Kubuntu and now I use Kubuntu 14.04, love it. I have 2 gaming desktops, both are dual boot Win10 and Kubuntu 14.04, my bedroom laptop has Kubuntu and Win10 and I rarely see Win10, my office laptop is just Kubuntu 14.04. To date I cannot remember all the distros I have tried, but I have tried Zorin, Linux Lite, Pear and others. I have not tried Suse, Mandriva, Redhat, Debian based but not Debian or Arch. Except for gaming, I use Linux daily now.

In late 2011 a buddy of mine mentioned Ubuntu, and I’m like, “what’s that?” I was still a kid in high school and had no idea anything but Mac and Windows even existed. So I burned a CD with Ubuntu with unity 11.04 on it and boot off it with the family PC. asked my dad if I could install it and he said yes not knowing I didn’t mean a program. So I did. And oh man was my family mad. They had no idea what to do at the grub screen or how to pick Windows. Haha! Since then I jumped ship to ubuntu 12.04 GNOME3 on my first laptop in 2012 as I started college, Debian7 GNOME on my first tower in 2013, and debian 8 MATE currently in 2016! Don’t regret switching, it’s the most useful thing I’ve ever found.

I switched in 2016 because I had an antique Apple Mac operating system OSX Leopard and I kept having problem due to my old operating system and a friend had told me about Linux. After further research I discovered Linux Mint 18 Cinammon “Sarah” and I tried it. I wish I would have known about Linux many years ago. I love the idea of open source software. I really respect Linus Torvalds the founder, what a genius. I started with MS DOS all the way to Windows Vista which I hated. I then switched to Apple/Machintosh. Now since I started to use Linux Mint I regret all of the time I’ve wasted on the other two operating systems. I’ll be a Linux user for the rest of my life.

I started using Linux with RedHat 5.1, then switched to Mandrake 5.2, so circa 1998. I became interested in Linux because I was frustrated with MS Windows and was looking for an alternative. I also liked BeOS, but they kind of sputtered and died. Today I am using Mageia 6 and use Linux for almost everything.