Inode limit Reached in Unix Server


In one of my server inode value limit reached. So due to this i cannot able to create any file/folder.
Even though i have disk space.

I have checked this by issuing the command df -i. Its cleaary show inode free 0

please let us know how to resolve this issue.


Actually the file which are created on Linux machine must have inode number. But here your disk is free and inode is full it seems like your system have no.of unwanted files. So find out then and remove them

Otherwise make backup of your data and recreate the file system by using mke2fs


If your system is operational, tray to backup some old and unused files
by tar command then remove old and unused files…
execute “df -ik”
see man pages of “tune4fs” or “tune2fs” and “mkfs”


Thanks for your reply. Let me check the same in the server.

We can’t increase the inodes check for the logs files are dump files. Before 4 days back our production server can’t able to update the packages but still there are space in /var while looking into /var/lib/sss 4 million cache files are stored once its cleared you can create more files.

use duck command to find the large consuming directory.

du -ckx | sort -n


find . -xdev -type f | cut -d ‘/’ -f 2 | sort | uniq -c | sort -n

to find the large size files stored directory.

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This usually means that you have high number of files. How many files you are storing to have your quota reached?!? Th resolve the issue you will need to delete some of the files or move them to another disk. From my experience with clients, the problem usually appears due to too many cache and old session files. If you share some info about the files you are storing we might be able to help.


Thank you so much. As you have mention i have tried that command and found lots of unwanted
files and deleted them. Now i have free inode.

Special Thanks to Ravi Saive who make such a wonderful website and discussion forum. Its
helping people like me who is struggling to fix their issue.Also i want to thank all you people helping
a lot and supporting us.

How to find unwanted files and unwanted sessions holding deleted files?
Is it possible to increase the count of inodes in a filesystem? if yes then how?