Install LinuxMint on MacBook Pro

Hello Guys,

I am a big Linux fan. Due to certain circumstances I had to buy a mac as it seems to run a software that I need a bit better.

However I am not a big fan of the OS…I would like to dual with LinuxMint, but I am not sure if that is completely possible and if the process can be reverted. What I mean is that in case I would like to remove LinuxMint, can I regain the used disk space?

Also, would it be possible to configure the same user home directory for both OSX and LinuxMint. For example the path to my home dir in OSX is:

I would like to set it up the same way in Mint, without loosing all of my data.

If anyone has experience with that, please let me know how I should proceed.

Although there are many people who have done the Mac thing and gotten decent results, I was always under the impression that the hardware was built to “resist” any other OS BUT Apple!..LoL! I know I’m wrong in that assumption, and that there are “Hackintoshes” out there in the world that run excellent with another OS installed on it. I guess if you’ve laid out that kind of money you might as well get ALL your money’s worth huh? Good luck and let me now how it goes…my niece has an iPad I’m DYING to put Ubuntu on!..LOL!


To be honest, I only bought myself a Mac cause I needed the software. I have never been fan of Apple’s hardware and prices :smiley: . Furthermore once I finish my job on it I plan on selling it on ebay or elsewhere to get some of my money back. I just wanted to know if there is an option to install LinuxMint on it cause I wanted to try this. I made a little research and it came out that the partitioning might be a problem so I will be avoiding installing different OS for now.

Did some quick research (Google is my best assistant, I don’t need Cortana) & came up with what appears to be the answer about installing Linux MInt on the MacBook Pro.


Thanks for replying. I found that one before posting here. I have used one of the comments to install Mint on USB stick and I have to say it well pretty good with no lag at all. The idea came from one of the comments on that post.

I actually managed to create a triple boot on Mac along with Windows 10 and LinuxMint . If anyone else wonders how to do it:

  • Start disk utility
  • Resize the partition in a way that suits. You will need at least 10 GB for LinuxMint
  • Install rEFInd - this is an alternative boot manager for Mac - works great and has a beautiful interface
  • Create your bootable USB stick with desired Linux distro on it
  • Restart the Mac and you will see rEFInd’s interface so you can choose your USB stick. From this point on you can complete the installation in the regular way.
  • IMPORTANT: when going through partitioning, make sure to choose “Something Else” and choose the new empty partition you created earlier.