Installing bohdi linux 3.0 ISO on a thumb drive

Hi, I am trying to install bohdi linux 3.0 ISO on thumb drive but it sat no root… fix in the partition manager. It asks for a password. What is the password? My passwords do not work.It never asked for one when I was writing it to the USB drive
Thanks, Mark

Use the UNetbootin for successfully create the bootable Live USB thumb drives using ISO images…

There are multiple ways to do that.
Use Linux Live USB software or rufus

I tried downloading that but it doesn’t download…It says it does but can’t use it. Tried w/ windows and Linux. What’s up w/ that?

Try this

if you want create a bootable pendrive use dd command.
open a terminal > enter the directory where the file (ISO) has been downloaded and use dd. see the example > dd if=whateveryouwant.iso of=/dev/sdX

i hope it was useful :smile: