Is Linux able Run Windows Games Smoothly?

Is Linux can run newer Windows games successfully on a Linux system? I would like to get a valid answer from anyone who knows.

PlayonLinux is a great program for Linux which has proven its capabilities and itself the possibilities of windows emulation it also uses wine to help install and run Windows PC games like Halo and Dark Messiah of Might and Magic. These games are somewhat fairly new and i do believe Linux is capable of running them with more coding and etc of things in programming. but again theres possibility with virtualbox too but still it doesnt really make any sense to run windows games in linux but maybe only for testing purposes before releasing a game… Just buy a windows os and install it on a linux machine there you have it: “A Linux Machine running a Windows OS to play your game lol better yet dual boot”

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When it comes to games in Linux, your best option (in my opinion) is Steam. You can install Steam OS or simply install the Steam platform. You can see a good list of games here:

You will notice that some of them are free, others are paid.

Another vote for Steam !!! :sunglasses:

They have built up a pretty solid library in the past year.