Is there a way Linux can be improved to attract the average computer user

Hi guys

There is an important issue i would like us to discuss and it concerns the use of Linux by average computer users. Although Linux is very powerful and being used to power a lot of machines in the world today, it still has not attracted average computer users to use it especially on Desktop machines.

As a big fun of Linux i think it should be an issue for the Linux community to focus on, so that we can find ways of making Linux user friendly while still keeping its full potential.

We still have not reached the point where one can use Linux without thinking.

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Really? What desktop distributions have you used?
My 7-yr old daughter has been happily using Linux Mint for over 1 year on our desktop computer at home. There are lots of outstanding desktop distributions. Check Distrowatch and try a couple of distributions like Elementary or Zorin (to name a few other than Ubuntu or Mint).


Good for your daughter… but the truth still stands that many people especially average users still find Windows and Macintosh which are more popular, nicer than Linux on desktop.
Some information in the links below may support my argument.

I’m a current windows user and I wanted to give another shot for a Linux as desktop, I’ve tried a lot of distros but none of them make me comfortable like Windows, Finally, I’ve tried Fedora 22 and to be honest, I was really satisfied with its look, options, abilities, and the commands are like CentOS and RedHat which I’m using for over 7 years in my job. Give Fedora 22 a shot and let me know if you like it. Now, I’ve on Fedora "Skype - TeamViewer - Thunderbird - Chrome - FireFox - Shutter (like Snagit for a screenshots) and a lot of programs, but keep in mind one thing, I won’t be 100% satisfied with Linux Desktop because I used to use Windows since ever.

I actually wrote that topic not because i was the one complaining but many around me have shared that opinion with me. That made me to seek for views from Linux users.

Linux have come a long way (Big thank you to everybody for their hard work)- People who still complain have a problem.

The most of the latest distro additions runs exceptionally well for doing day to day tasks and even printers, scanners,webcams, networks etc, work without issue.

The big issue is, Windows have been force fed into the system (and still are at a large number of schools, universities etc.), while Linux unfortunately are not. There is very little that you can do on Windows that can not be done on Linux - yes sure you will always get that one program, but their days are getting numbered. For daily desktop use there are not many but there will always someone trying to split hair.

However it remains a good topic for discussion.

I don’t think this question can be answered easily. More likely it would be easier to find those users who are looking for more, and to introduce them to Linux than to try and force it on the masses. Too many people are happily imprisoned within the walls of Microsoft and Apple’s products, and they’re happily content to STAY there. Its not those people we’re looking to introduce to the most powerful and flexible OS to ever grace a HDD. Its the people who want more, the people who are not satisfied using the text editor someone else chooses, or the web browser, or the office suite or the music -media player. THESE are the people who will most easily adopt and embrace Linux without a ripple. The ones who are stuck in the Windows / Apple communities, might not realize they are lacking in so many areas, but they don’t care, as long as their media player works, or they’re able to access their emails and chat and text, they will be content. Not realizing that having to purchase a license JUST to work on a spreadsheet, or to have to write a college paper is tantamount to kidnapping / ransom!! Eventually those who cannot afford to keep feeding the Microsoft machine, or who won;t be financing another “iProduct” will either try to keep their systems alive (as did the people who refused to let go of Windows XP) or they will start to look around, when they do?..we’ll be here to show them the path. but to act in a way that seems like cultism, or like righteous babbling could do more harm than good. Better to let the seed of curiosity and interest grow at it’s own pace. This way, when they finally bloom? their drive and motivation for Linux will be that much greater.

If you use KDE flavoured Fedora (which I think dusts gnome) then try also KSnapshot.

If your keyboard has a print key, map it to your snapshot program.
As aside "windows+z locks my screen and I have a few others set up.
One for calculator button on my Logitech 800 - it fires up KCalc ":slight_smile:

I believe these mods live in your home directory so, once set up, they should work from one OS version to the necy. Can anyone confirm that opinion?

I am 84 years old, and have been using Linux since about 1998. I find it intuitive for what I do, which isn’t much. It keeps all my files right where I want them? I can surf with ease, keep my distros up to date. I mess only with laptops and tablets. I can do things lots easily, unlike me wife on Windows. I settled on Debian and Mint as my favs. If I ever get around time putting in a big hard drive, I will try other distros. It is what it is?..good.