Kernel 4.16.15 On Debian XFCE SID

Completely Built From The Ground Up, After 24 Months Of Extensive Research & Planning, The Latest Edition “Adyah” Is Available Now.

Please visit for more information.

The Salient Features Are Summarized Below.The project is very mature now since it’s inception in Dec 2014.

Very Granular documentation is available on the site.Besides, on YouTube, well showcased videos are available to cover almost every aspect of the release.

  • 64 BIT Debian SID XFCE Based
  • Kernel 4.16.8 (Automated Upgrade For Kernel 4.16.15)
  • UEFI/GPT & BIOS/MBR Hybrid + LIVE ISO [Dual Boot Win 10]
  • AN Assitance Program for Managing Installation (Voice Assist)  [PrathamOS+Windows10 Dual Boot UEFI/GPT]   [PrathamOS UEFI/GPT Stand-Alone]   [PrathamOS+OtherLinux BIOS/MBR]
  • Blazing Fast, Extremely Simplified, Parallel Threads Based SetUp
  • State Of The Art UI With Modern Applied Ergonomics
  • Modern Themes (Numix, Adapta, Flat, Paper, Pop, Xenlism)
  • All Latest 3000+ Core Packages & 50+ External Apps
  • Holistic Rolling Distribution Model
  • InBuilt Generic & Custom Install, Update & Upgrade Actions
  • Flatpak, Snap, AppImage & Zero Install Integrated
  • 25+ Audio / Video File Formats Supported   [.aac .aiff .amr .flac .mp3 .ogg .wav .wma .dat .m4a .oga .ogv .swf .mp2 .3gp .avi .flv .m4v .mkv .mov .mp4 .mpeg .mpg .mts .vob .webm .wmv]
  • Support For MS Office Extensions (.doc .docx .xls .xslx .ppt .pptx)
  • Functional MargERP 9+ & Tally.ERP 9 Windows Version
  • NotePad++, EverNote, DropBox, Google Drive Sync
  • Chrome, Opera, Tor, Steam, PlayOnLinux
  • Skype, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Telegram, Zoom
  • GIMP 2.10, DarkTable, Krita, InkScape, Blender, FreeCAD
  • VLC, Clementine, Audacious, Spotify, Kodi
  • Ardour, OpenShot, Audacity, OBS Studio
  • VMWare, VirtualBox, Qemu, Docker & Android-x86 Enabled
  • Java, Python, R, .Net Core & Scala Language & IDE Support
  • Apache, Nginx, SQL, Git, LAMP & MEAN Stack
  • BigData Cloudera & HortonWorks Distribution Compliant
  • Machine Learning Platform Anaconda & Enthought Canopy
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