Kernel failed to re-read partition table


I have created one partition in my linux server. But when i am using the partprobe command to
update the partition table information to kernal. But i am receiveing this below error

I cannot able to reboot since it is one of my production server. Please let us know how to rectify this


Once try the below command
#partprobe /dev/xxx


Please find the screen shot.


once show me the list of the partition table of disk

#ls /dev/sda*

#partx -l /dev/sda

Read disk and try to add all partitions to the system

#partx -v -a /dev/sdb

now check the device nodes

#ls /dev/sda*


Find the Screen shot. While using the command partx -v -a /dev/sda its trowing an error.


Those message are normal no need to worry about those these error are because of partition 1 is already added in the system before partition 2 is added.

once check the partitions are created or not, and are you trying to create fifth partition or what

show me the output of

#fdisk -l


I have created fourth partition. While updating the partprobe i have received that error. Pls find the
fdisk -l output.

I need to know whether this partition are updated to kernal or not

Check with
#cat /proc/partitions
It will show if it is updated in kernel or not

After that fire

#partx -a /dev/sda

If it’s not updating then you have to take a rebbot