Liferay and cloud services

Has anyone here had any success on creating a liferay node on any cloud services?
I’ve tried to create a Ubuntu 14.04 liferay node from a template, but have no idea on how to proceed.

This whole cloud business is beyond my googling skills. I never seem to find a simple tutorial on how to actually make something working. All i can find is those speakers ranting about how it scales and how great everything is, but not a word on how to get to that point.

Sorry about the rant, but when frustration gets to you the ranting is unavoidable.

Any decent tutorial links to either Amazon EC2 or Azure would be much appreciated.
Thank you.

i have had success in starting virtual linux servers, but the idea here is to have a scalable liferay node and the ability to create new ones on demand.


If I am right “Liferay” is a open source and free enterprise portal application for building moderns web apps and portals to engage customers?

Yes, what i’m looking for is a scalable ‘click for new instance’ kind of service.
I know they are out there, but difficult to locate.


Sorry, I really don’t have much idea about “Liferay” and never tried so far, but I can see there is a good documentation it has at:

Why not follow it and give a try…

Thanks for the reply.

I do know how to install a Liferay server, but i was looking for something like Ubuntu MAAS/Juju kind of deployment.

If they don’t have that in Azure I guess i need to get to my scripting keyboard once again.


I checked last day for such automation tool for deploying Liferay, but nothing found… So now time has come to take your scripting knife again to fight the Liferay battle… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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