Linux user management commands

My Question is

A file used by 100 users, so all the user has read write execute permission. In that 1 user made a mistake and file got corrupt. So file owner asks the user to take a log to see who has done the error. But the bad luck is log file also got corrupted. so My question is what is the command for check the latest modify error made by the user… ???

Please reply soon

Please reply soon… i need the command…

Check the bash history for each user. To make it easier you can grep for that file. Here is an example:

for i in users; do grep file_name /home/$i/.bash_history; done 

In the above change “users” with the list of users who have rights to edit that file, and “file_name” with the actual name of the file you are looking for.

The results should provide the commands that were executed on that file as well as date when it was modified. Given that information you can match the time stampts when the file was modified and got corrupted.