Load balancer for tomcat7 server

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I need to configure load balancer for tomcat server because java application taking much memory and some times tomcat other instance stop automatically.So please provide the configuration details of tomcat load balancer .


@NITIN_SHRIVASTAV try to follow what is in the links below,


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Hi Nitin if you have two servers hosting the same application then you can overcome this issue by using the dns round-robin techniques, once you configure this then dns will take care about the incoming requests to your server and it will automatically choose the server depending on the priority,

Configuring the DNS for round-robin to your server just open the zone file of your webserver and add these two lines at the end

www 60 IN A (ipaddr of first server)
www 60 IN A (ipaddr of second server)

save & quit

restart the dns server.

this is the easiest way for configuring load balancing and fault-tolerance

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