Manjaro not booting

Hi friends, Today i installed manjaro linux (manjaro-xfce- , i updated it with pacman command it takes 350 mb after completing update , i rebooted my laptop but manjaro is not booting , it showing black screen only i can only access tty screen only (ctrl+alt+f2…f4), and it showing some errors see this picture

how to solve this


It seems the error apparently related to your display driver …

I think this thread is useful to you

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Yep! Seems it’s a driver problem.

Se this thread too:

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arch,manjaro forums aren’t giving solution for my problem :frowning: , i backed up the packages under /var/cache/pacman/pkg …if i install new manjaro how to install this all packages well ? and How to reinstall this os ?

Hi again,

Seen this report? Some people seem to have solved it…