Mirroring Debian function (Business Continuity)

Hi All,
I’m a newcomer and this is my first post in this community! :slight_smile:
I would need to be addressed regarding the solution of a request … well …

Two Debian machines should be put in mirroring, is there any tool that replicates the machine from side to side?

we would like to set up a business continuity system …

where to start?

In my ‘imaginary’ I would like to create something One-shot style or, using some tools which indicate the starting server and the target.

Is It a improbable request ???
Is there something? where should I start?

Thank you all in advance for the answers (… and for your understanding! :))

I know that the requirment is extremely short, but if you need more info, I try to collect them and to share them!
Thanks again !


You can overcome this by using the tool called DRBD (Distributed Replicated Block Device)
once look at the below link for better idea.