Mobile broadband modem not detected in CentOS 7

I have just freshly installed CentOS 7 on my machine, i tried to connect my Hawaii modem so as to connect to the internet but the modem has not been detected. When i checked the network settings area i can only view wired, wireless networks. I am not able to view Mobile broadband in the list.

What could be the problem and any solutions.


Few Wireless adapters are not very compatible with Linux , you may need to search for the perfect driver for your wireless device

u should try to add the NUX or RPMFUSION repos for ur centos.
in these repos there are some third… party …softwares and drivers.

dont forget update ur system in the end! :wink:

The problem is still not solved. The modem is detected but not shown as mobile broadband connection on the top right network area menu.