Mod_evasive logging & email not working


I have installed mod_evasive on RHEL 6.4, Apache 2.2.15. However, it does not create a log file or an email notification of the blocked IP. Instead, the offending IP is written to the /opt/IBM/HTTPServer/logs/error_log_*. The system email used is currently set to postfix.

Additionally, may I comment out the DOSSiteCount & DOSSiteInterval without any adverse effect on the functionality of the module?

The httpd.conf file is currently set as:

Load ModEvasive IfModule evasive_module DOSHashTableSize 3097 DOSPageCount 50 DOSSiteCount 100 DOSPageInterval 30 DOSSiteInterval 30 DOSBlockingPeriod 10 DOSLogDir "/opt/IBM/HTTPServer/logs/modevasive" DOSEmailNotify IfModule
Thanks in advance for any guidance that may be provided.