Monitoring resource usage by single application over period of time

I am looking for an utility which can monitor the resource usage (CPU & RAM) by an application.

I have an third party application which runs as service, once started, it will receive requests periodically. Here, I want to monitor the resource usage under varying loads.

I searched and found few tools like nmon, collectd, collectl, atop,monitorix and more but I am not sure how to use them for my purpose. I have installed and they show some statics but I don’t know if I have to write some script or plugin to fetch what I want.

It’s just two months since I started working on Linux so its look bit intimidating to me.

I don’t just want to see the current usage. I need to check the historical data and have a report, graphs.



By using monitoring commands you can monitor your system once look at the below link

and also for better view and getting notification on services configure nagios for monitoring your machines

This might be interesting. Create your own script to push data you want to sql database and then use R language to show different kind of graphs.

I havent tried it, but looks interesting enough, might look in to it someday.