My server error, help me fix the error

Hi all,

My CenOS Server error (below screen).When I came to office, and check the status of servers, I see it down repeatedly on the morning. I have forced shut down the server and it is operating normally, but the next morning it was the same error.

Help me, please.



Did you made any changes like updating the machine … do one thing restart the machine and shift to old kernel and check whether you are facing the same issue or not.


I restarted the machine many times, how to go back to the old kernel

After rebooting the server break the boot processes by pressing (Esc) key, then you will get the grub screen with available kernels. From there you can shift the kernel by pressing up arrow and down arrow keys and pressing Enter key.

Thanks @raghuu, i will try it and give you feedback soon

this morning I entered the old bugs do not appear any more but does not connect to the server. I had to force restart the server, then I connect to the server.

Please help me

Are you able to access the server…? did you see any error’s in log messages…?
Update the server if you access it.

#yum update

and reboot the server and also check the memory

I would suggest to have network drivers upgrade.