Nagios Core Server - windows host services are showing unknown

Hi All,

I have configured Nagios Core server in CentOS.Installed NSClinet++ in my Windows Host.

I successfully added the Windows Machine into Nagios Core.Host is showing UP but the services are showing Unknown.

I have changed the configuration in commands.cfg and nagios.cfg files.Add the services in Windows.cfg file with the host name.Still the Services are showing Unknown.

Please help me with this asap.

Thanks in advance:))))))))

Hi Vijaycs

The best way of configuring files with .cfg extesion is to create directories in /etc/nagios/directoryname or /usr/share/nagios/directoryname for each server and it’s depend of Nagios’s release. I mean one directory for Linux servers, another directory for Windows servers, etc. Finally you have to set up each file.cfg (by server) in its own directory in nagios.cfg.

Then you have to cofigure each file in its directory the services that the server is running.

Hope it helps you!


Thanks for your quick reply.I will try it now and let you know the status!!!

I have tried Jrios.But it couldn’t work.Can you please help me in detail…?

i think we have to change the network in windows client machines as ethw0, it’s my guess but i’m not sure

Thanks Rahul_36.I need to change the ip address or need to set the ip address as static.???

no need to change the IPAdress, just change ethernet adapter name