Need Help | Resktop Error Meaning and Solution

Hi Friends,

I am new to linux. I have installed rdesktop in my Centos. While i am tried to take rdp, i have encountered the below mentioned error. Anyone, let me know the exact meaning of the error and also the solution for the error.

Autoselected keyboard map en-us
ERROR recv: Connection reset by peer
ERROR send: Broken pipe

Hi try xrdp

#yum install xrdp

and also once look at the firewall.

iptables -L -n 

if firewall is enabled add the port to fire wall or disable it

check the port

#netstat -tulpn | grep -i xrdp

#iptables -A INPUT -p tcp --dport 3389 -j ACCEPT


#/etc/init.d/iptables stop               ---> disable firewall

Hi Raghu,

Thanks for your reply. Firewall is not enabled in my OS(Centos) and also i have installed both rdesktop and xrdp. Moreover, i was tried to take rdp from centos to windows 2003 server and have encountered same error. So kindly let me know how to connect the win 2003 server from centos and also meaning of error, which i have mentioned earlier.

OK you are trying to connect the win server from Centos, i think in this case xdrp is hope less, follow the below link for configuring rdesktop and also configure the firewall from window server side

For configuring firewall on windows server use the Windows+R key and type firewall.cpl to open Control Panel’s Windows Firewall settings and click the Allow an app or feature through Windows Firewall link

and double-check Remote Desktop’s allowed access permissions and also choose the Allow remote connections to this computer option in windows server under remote tab under system properties

one more thing rdesktop can be used with many options, for ex:

#rdesktop -d domian -u user -p passwd -k en-us server-assress


-d domain
-u username
-p password
-k keyboard
-a color depth
-z compress the datastream
some more options are there…

Hi Raghu,

Thanks for your reply. I can do the changes in windows firewall only when i login to the windows server. Now i am not able to login the windows server(same error). What should i do to proceed further?


For troubleshooting the issue you must check from both the sides. First-of-all check from your win server later only we can go for further steps if still you are facing the same issue.