NIS Server ERRORS while installing in CentOS 6.5

i have configured NIS server on cent os 6.5 , but simply a same error saying that " Binding failed" in client side when we give service ypbind restart , in onother client sysytem its binding while we give service ypbind restart, but sfter that its showing in both server YPBINDPROC_DOMAIN: Domain not bound.can u please heplp to resolve the issue


check the firewall and also NetworkManager, if NetworkManager is running stop it on client machine and check now whether it is working or not

hi raghu,
already firewall has been stopped, how to stop network manager service, it is telling unrecognized service
while we give service networkmanager status

can anyone send me a working link for instlling and configuring NIS server in cent0s 6.5


Networkmanager is case sensitive it should-be NetworkManager.

service NetworkManager status service NetworkManager stop

Try adding a host entry for the domain you are pointing. Sometimes it may not be resolving and that may be causing the issue.

thanks raghu… after stopping the iptables its binding…

ya its already added in the host entry… the problem is in the tptables… thanku

hi raghu why should we stop iptables && network manager?

Hi mspsurya, Wanted to ask you if you could send me a link on Integration the Centos NIS Server into the Windows domain.

iptables will block the inflow and out flow traffic and also in a NIS environment, we can’t do TCP filtering (at least not easily).

sorry frogman20xx, once i get i il send u

is there any options to allow NIS in iptables, so that we can on the iptables while NIS is running

Yes you can but when you start the ypserver daemon it will starts with different ports every time so its better to turnoff it.

For allowing the ports through iptables you have to find out the port on which portmapper and ypserver are running

for that follow the below steps

#rpcinfo -p | grep ypserver

after that allow the port by adding rule in iptables

#iptables -I INPUT -p tcp --dport xxx -j ACCEPT
#iptables -I INPUT -p udp --dport xxx -j ACCEPT

after adding the rules to iptables just save it

#service iptables save

here replace xxx with portno

we can also assign static ports for NIS for that once look at the below link