Not able to install phpmyadmin on RHEL6.5 test machine

Hello friends,

I am trying to install LAMP on RHEL6.5 test machine. I am able to install Linux, Apache, Mysql & Php package.

Also, I want to install phpmyadmin utility on test machine. So, We can create database GUI. As I search on internet, I got epel repository to install phpmyadmin.

Our RHEL6.5 machine don’t have internet access to download this repo and this repo will not work even internet is not accessible.

Is there any one, Who has phpmyadmin rpm package to install ??
or any other way to install phpmyadmin utility on RHEL6.5 ??

Please help …!!!


You can download rpm file from below link

Thanks to reply sir.

I have to install this package and test it urgently. But we don’t have download privileges. Sir, Can you help me to download this rpm and send me by mail ?

Sir, Please help…!!!

Mail id :

Thanks …

I have install Redhat Enterprise Linux OS [ RHEL 6.5 ]

please try to use Phpmyadmin via source code.

you can download via below link.

please download at base machine and put the code on rhel machine.