Open source Ticketing system for ubuntu

Hi every body
I am a network administrator , and i need to run a ticketing system to raise ticket and task and follow tasks that has been raised either by me or others.
I’m looking for something free, linux/web base, and supporting chat.

thanks my friends

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Till date, following are the most widely used open source and free ticketing system for Linux.

osTicket - The most popular lightweight support ticket system.
eTicket - A PHP-based ticket system with a capable ticket manager
Request Tracker - Mature enterprise-grade issue tracking system used by thousands of organizations.
OTRS - The most successful and long lasting open source system for IT and Help Desk management.
Zentrack - Highly flexible project management, bug tracking and help desk solution
PHD Help Desk - Registry and follow-up ticketing system specially used in Service Desk area.

I hope you will find the best from the above list as per your organization requirements…

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how about spiceworks? But i don’t know whether it supports for linux. If it supports go with it, because there are many advantages using it, You can get all the details about such as warranty, suspicious IP’s they are visiting, windows keys with which system is activated and also the software updates.

I’ve used ORTS for years but osTicket and eTicket look nice. I’ve stayed with OTRS because of the automatic escalation process and the flexible group creation.


MantisBT ( is
a free web-based bug tracking system. It is written in PHP works with MySQL, MS SQL, and PostgreSQL databases.

Check out Faveo Helpdesk open source, free ticket based support system build on PHP using Laravel framework

but faveohelpdesk ldap plugin we have to buy… thats the disadvantage

wat about ldap …does it supports???

faveo is good …but ldap plugins we have to buy