PassENV for setting up Header value in httpd.conf

I have set the Environment variable named “MyName” in my RHEL 6.6 and when i do

printenv MyName

I am able to view the value of MyName

Now, in my httpd.conf ( HTTPD 2.2), I am using below configuration

< IfModule mod_headers.c >
PassEnv MyName
Header set X-Server-Name “%{MyName}e”
< /IfModule >

During the restart, it says [warn] PassEnv variable MyName was undefined

I have below modules already enabled in httpd 2.2
LoadModule env_module modules/
LoadModule headers_module modules/
LoadModule setenvif_module modules/
LoadModule cgi_module modules/

After googling a lot, I found few says to use SetEnv however it will override the existing value of my variable, which I do not want. Please help !!!

Desired result : when I access my page from web-server, in Response Headers I should be able to view below value

X-Server-Name : ( value of my MyName variable )

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