Perl vs Python, Discuss and share the differences

Hi All,

I’m planning to learn programming so i need clarifications, please suggest me.

  1. My interest is Perl or Python
  2. Doubt is few sites telling Python is unique programming not much relative to other programs and little complicated.
  3. Perl is like c, c++, java combined easy to learn and faster.

please give me some differentiation and clarification between both the languages.

Thanks for this question, let me start by giving you some few differences:

-Many programmers say that Python is easier to learn compared to Perl.

-Python code is simple to use for beginners due to its intuitive design.

-Python is a little different other programming languages,it uses indentation to determine blocks of code such as functions, loops so on.

-Perl has been around longer than Python, it has a wider range of modules available for you to build programs from.

-Also debugging Perl is difficult compared to Python when there are many lines of code.

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