Please explain what is Grub 1.5 stage and what it does during linux boot process

Anyone please give me a clear idea about grub1.5 stage in linux booting process and also explain grub2 booter loader and how it differs from grub.

Why in rhel 7 grub doesn’t detect windows boot entry in dual boot until we add manually some kernel modules.


if root filesystem is not native Linux filesystem stage1.5 is used for that filesystem

fat_stage1_5 for fat(MSDOS) filesystem
iso9660_stage1_5 for CDROM filesystem
minix_stage1_5 for MINIX filesystem
reiserfs_stage1_5 for reiser filesystem
ufs2_stage1_5 for unix filesystem
vstafs_stage1_5 …
xfs_stage1_5 …

you can find a lot of information about frub2 & grub differences if you google it

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