Poll: How Do You Like The New LinuxSay Forum?

Hello all,

Please let us know how useful is this new LinuxSay forum for users by giving your valuable vote below and also we would like to know how much you liked the efforts we put into creating this awesome forum. Your vote means a lot to us and motivates us in the positive manner to serve even more better. We would really appreciate your constructive response.

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Please don’t forget to share your valuable reason behind your selected option and also tell us what best can be done to serve you even better.

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Really i was addicted to this linuxsay forum, indeed it is awesome actually in my sense the administrator job is same like watchman job :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: . Once we configure the server then only the thing is monitoring the server.

Some time i feel bore with this job :grin: , but this linuxsay forum brought somewhen i fell bore i just shift to linuxsay :computer: , and i still learning lot of things through this forum and sharing my thoughts as well.

The work which was you guys did is really appreciated :point_left: :point_left: : :ok_hand:


Thanks for such kind words about LinuxSay and I really happy that you found this forum is useful… You are the first person to post your feedback about LinuxSay!..:smiley:

I want you to promote this forum to all your friends so that they can get the benefit of this forum…

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While posting any query it asks for more than 250 char ,if am able to ask my query in less than 250 char then what’s is use of it.that’s annoying otherwise its best


Sorry if you feel it annoying, but the reason behind putting the limit to max 250 chars, is to avoid spamming or else lot’s of thin content takes place with short one liner questions which not much meaningful itself.

I hope you understand and thanks for being part of LinuxSay, looking forward to serve you best…

I really like LinuxSay, but I can think of two improvements:

  1. Other forums show the categories list in their home page, and the last threads in each category. Is there a reason why LinuxSay shows the latest threads in its home page but not organized into categories? (I am curious as to why this is not the default behavior in this forum). I am aware that you can check the list of each category by clicking on the category menu, then selecting one.
  2. The logo (http://linuxsay.com/images/d-logo-sketch-small.png) appears on other Wordpress sites that use the same template. You may want to consider changing it.
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Special Thanks to Ravi Saive who make such a wonderful website and discussion forum. Its
helping people like me who is struggling to fix their issue.Also i want to thank all you people helping
a lot and supporting us.

I will support this website and discussion forum to grow more and more.


Thanks for suggestions bringing to our notice:

We will check with our developer, if such feature available we will include the all categrois into main page of this Forum or else will add a category navigation menu.

Actually the logo is yet to decide and we are in process it finalize the logo as soon as possible…


Thanks for such kind words about me, actually without our contributors it wouldn’t be possible us to create such a wonderful website and also most of the credit goes to our readers like you who being a part of TecMint and LinuxSay forum…

I will rate this forum excellent on two important aspect.

  1. First of all very fast response.
  2. If problem not solved then provides the alternative to that.

I will recommend other users to use this forum to discuss linux issues and share there expertise as well.

I haven’t posted on here for a while, but I’ve been reading posts and mailing lists. Excellent forum, and the statistics tells everything :wink:

I am so addicted to Linuxsay that made me to set “linuxsay.com” as my home page. Thanks to great minds and helping hearts behind creation of linuxsay forum.

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Am just getting addicted and I think linuxsay.com represents and stresses the whole idea of sharing knowledge for the benefit of all.

@gacanepa i think making the categories visible in the main menu on the home page could be a nice idea to improve navigation and enhance usability.