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Problem copying heavy data from vmfs file system

Hello friends. one of my servers faced with problem in its datastore HDD. then i bring it out of my server and put it on my pc (Ubuntu OS PC) and mount it with vmfs-fus tools. now i can see data and machines that i have created in ESXI and other contents inside the HDD in mounted directory, in my PC.

# ls
 ISO   upload_center  'vBulletin 5 Test'  'VMware vCenter Server Appliance'

I could copy most of the files and directories to my external hard, but when i wnat to copy upload-cneter directory to my external hard with copy command, i face with Input/output Error.

cp: error reading ‘upload_center/upload_center_0-flat.vmdk’: Input/output error

Ofcurse i noticed that files with low size copy very easy but heavy files face with that error. I list upload center directory in the datastore and found that just one file did not copy and it size is about 450GB. and this file made that Input/output Error.

I used another way to copy this heavy file with rsync command :

rsync -avz --progress upload_center/upload_center_0-flat.vmdk /media/mohammad/My\ Passport/esxi\ virtual\ backups/upload_center/

again faced with Input/output Error.

Another way :

With Disks software in Ubuntu, I tooke an image from server HDD and moved it to another SATA hard disk, then change format of image file to ISO and then mount ISO file to a directory. like before i could see all data of server HDD inside ISO and i could copy low size file, but couldn’t copy heavy file :

# cp -r upload_center/ /media/mohammad/My\ Passport/esxi\ virtual\ backups/

cp: error reading 'upload_center/upload_center_0-flat.vmdk': Input/output error

in below command i used rsync command agian to copy that heavy file and i used –process option to see progress percent of data copy, then i found this action goes to 100% after that it gaves below error and try to copy again but again after reach to 100% it gaves error.

rsync -avz --progress upload_center/upload_center_0-flat.vmdk /media/mohammad/My\ Passport/esxi\ virtual\ backups/upload_center/
sending incremental file list

483,183,820,800 100% 42.95MB/s 2:58:49 (xfr#1, to-chk=0/1)
rsync: read errors mapping “/mnt/esxi/upload_center/upload_center_0-flat.vmdk”: Input/output error (5)
WARNING: upload_center_0-flat.vmdk failed verification – update discarded (will try again).

483,183,820,800 100% 42.87MB/s 2:59:07 (xfr#2, to-chk=0/1)
rsync: read errors mapping “/mnt/esxi/upload_center/upload_center_0-flat.vmdk”: Input/output error (5)
ERROR: upload_center_0-flat.vmdk failed verification – update discarded.

sent 939,778,979 bytes received 235 bytes 43,736.09 bytes/sec
total size is 483,183,820,800 speedup is 514.15
rsync error: some files/attrs were not transferred (see previous errors) (code 23) at main.c(1196) [sender=3.1.2]

note : i checked server HDD with diffrent software for any badsector but there is no badsector in HDD.

long time post, hopefully you, or someone else, found a solution that can mention here? i have the same thing… thanks appetizers