Rdeskto Issue while trying to connect windows

Hi friends,

I am new to linux. I have tried to take rdp of windows using linux. After installing rdesktop, i tried to take rdp. It shows the below mentioned error. Help me to resole the issue.

[root~]# rdesktop -u “Name” “IP Add”

Autoselected keyboard map en-us
ERROR: Failed to open display:


Do telnet to the windows machine for checking whether the network connection is fine or not

#telnet xx.xx.xx.xx  3389

And one more thing from where you are trying to connect to windows machine if you are trying from putty it wont accept it and also check firewall and also check remote desktop under windows machine is enabled or not.

look at the below links it may help you



Hi Raghu,

Thanks for your reply. It was very helpful to me. Yes, i had tried to connect windows through putty only. I am able to connect windows from server but not putty. Kindly let me know, is there any alternate way to connect windows through putty?


Go through the below link it may help you